We have selected a wide range of our most popular styles and colours to keep readily available in stock. This is our Catalogue Range.

We are continuously replenishing our stocks, to ensure our stock levels are adequate for quick delivery. All our garments carry absolutely no branding, and all the wash labels are generic. This enables you to simply add your own branding, without the need to cut labels out etc. We have no minimum order requirements, so you may order as many items as you require.

We do our utmost to maintain consistency in both shade and fabric quality. We do this by maintaining long terms relationships with the quality mills we purchase from. Notwithstanding our efforts, there may be slight shade differences from one dye-lot to another. As our blank garments are pulled from our stocks that may include more than one dye-lot , there may be slight shade differences in garments within your order. These shade differences are minor as fabric deliveries are checked by our receiving department, and any significant shade differences will not be accepted.

Should slight shade differences not be acceptable to you, please specify this when ordering, in which case, we would need to specifically cut from a single dye-lot for your order. This we would require an MOQ of 300 units per colour and the standard lead time will increase, to allow for the manufacturing.

Chat to us about your catalogue manufacturing requirements.