Catalogue Garments

Choose the garments that you require from our extensive range on our catalogue. They may be selected and purchased directly from our website. These garments are completely unbranded, and you can then add your own branding requirements. We do offer branding options, but you are free to decide where you would like to brand your garments. We normally hold sufficient stock to ensure delivery within 48hours. Should we be out of stock of your chosen item, we will contact you and inform you of our expected replenishment date. Should this date not be acceptable to you and you can choose no alternative, we will refund your purchase.

Branding Onto Our Garments

Once you have chosen your garments, either from our catalogue or have decided to custom manufacture, we would then discuss your branding requirements. We offer various branding options.

Custom Manufacture

Should you not find your ideal item within our catalogue range, we do offer custom manufacturing. We are not  a CMT company , so be aware of the parameters within which we work.

How it works