In the face of ever-increasing imports and mechanization in the local clothing industry, Poly Nation is committed to manufacturing top quality, hand-made apparel right here in South Africa.

Clothing will probably always be the core of our business, but we also produce an ever-increasing range of bags, tableware, home ware and accessories.

We’re a trusted supplier to a host of international brands – and our company has been approved in terms of product quality and ethical behaviour by leading International Brand audits.

Our People

Putting people first

Just walk through our factory floor and you can see the passion, the precision and the meaningful relationship our people have to our vision, our products, our premises, and our new way of doing things the old-fashioned way. The people-fashioned way;


  • In the pursuit of fairness and equal opportunity, everyone at Poly Nation is paid according to relevant Bargaining Council rates.
  • Our staff members are all encouraged to be union members (if they aren’t already). While most companies feel hamstrung and frustrated by labour unions and legislation, we choose to embrace the structures they provide – and use them to create a happier, safer, and more empowered work place for all.
  • Our premises and operation procedures are in full compliance with the most stringent International Labour Policy audits.
  • For financial stability and peace of mind, all staff members are covered by a successful Provident Fund.
  • We have a pro-active policy in terms of in-house training. We closely monitor our staff competencies and talents, and constantly seek opportunities to upskill and promote in-house talent.
  • As a result of our fair labour policies and training programmes; we have a consistent, well-trained and reliable skills base. And our staff retention record is exemplary for the industry.
Poly Nation is committed to manufacturing top-quality, hand-made products right here in South Africa.

Our Factory

  • All under one roof
  • Located in Salt River, Cape Town’s traditional garment district*, our restored, 100-year-old factory is a highly efficient and independent facility.
  • On the lower level we keep sufficient fabric and trim supplies for the next few months, as well as a full complement of finished goods, and orders ready for distribution.
  • The engine room is on the second floor where we have a fully vertically integrated manufacturing facility. At the far end are all the materials and trims required. As the raw goods pass through the progressive stages, they’re printed, cut, sewn, stitched, detailed, finished, checked, rechecked and dispatched at the other end.
  • The space is big, bright, clean and airy – and surpasses all required Labour, Health and Safety criteria. We’ve got an unblemished record with International Brand Auditors; and take great pride in offering our staff and colleagues a safe, happy and healthy environment to work in.
  • * After falling victim to the tide of cheap imported goods from the East, many of the established factories in the area were forced to close down, and many fell into disrepair over the last two decades. We are proud to say that we are part of a new generation of entrepreneurs who are seeking to revert this trend by reinvesting in Salt River, and offer training and employment.
Our restored 100 year old factory in Salt River Cape Town